Bahao (The Flow) Declared a classic by BBC and according to an Indian survey, one of the ten best novels of the twentieth century.

Rakh (Ashes) Winner of Prime Minister’s award for the best novel of the year, selected by Dr. Christina Oesterheld of the official German Literary Organization in Berlin where some of its chapters translated into German, were dramatized.

Qurbat-e-Marg Mein Mohabbat (Love, When death knocks at the door) which completes the trilogy.

Dakia Aur Jolaha (Postman and the Weaver) a mystic narrative of forbidden love.

Qila-e-Jangi The Massacre in Afghanistan and the phenomenon of Taliban.

Khas-o-Khashak Zamane (Wind of Times) A massive novel declared an epic by Dawn compassing the culture and traditions of Punjab from 1939 to 2009, culminating in United States and Canada.

Ay Ghazal-e-Shab (The Ghizal of the Night) According to Abudllah Hussain, Tarar’s best novel. Dawn declared it a master’s stoke.

Fakhta (The Dove) A novelette about the horrors of war, background Moscow of Soviet Era. Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi declared it a classic of Urdu Literature.

Pakheru (The Bird, a Punjabi Novel) considered to be the first modern Punjabi novel, included in the syllabus of Guru Nanak Dev University, India.

Pyar ka Pehla Sher (The First City of Love) A simple but heart revealing love story with a background of Paris, which has surpassed a record 56 editions and its central character “Pascal” has become legendary.

Des Hue Pardes A Novel which was highly praised by Qurat-ul-Ain Haider.

Gypsy Almost an autobiography with a backdrop of Switzerland and Pakistan.