Niklay Teri Talaash Mein (In Search of You) Tarar’s first literary adventure which brought him into the literary limelight instantly. An overnight bestseller phenomenon that blazed a trail and proved to be a trendsetter travelogue. It is included in the syllabus of Moscow University.

Undulus Mein Ajnabi (A Stranger in Spain) A detailed and well researched history of the land of Spain.

Khana Badosh A journey by land to Beirut engulfed in the civil war and then through the Aegean Sea to Florence and Rome.

Putli Peeking Ki (A Doll of Beijing) A classic account of travel to China.

Nepal Nagri A narrative of a mountain kingdom.

Sunehri Ullu ka Shehr (The City of the Golden Owl) A journey to Delhi, Agra and Fatehpur Sekri.

Moscow ki Sufaid Raatain (The White Nights of Moscow) Moscow when it was Soviet Union and Moscow of the present times.

Alsaka Highway The very first travelogue of Canada’s Yukon valley and distant Alaska.

Moonh Wal Kaabe Sharif A sentimental and emotional narrative of Tarar’s Hajj experience.

Ghare Hira Mein Aik Raat Tarar had the honor of spending a whole night all alone in the cave of Hira where his beloved Prophet received “Iqra” through the angel Gibrael.

Lahore say Yarqand Tarar had been invited by Govt of China to visit China and write about it.

Travels of Northern Pakistan

Tarar is renowned mountain lover and a pioneer trekker who has written twelve travelogues so far about his journeys into the North of Pakistan including Hunza Dastan, Safar Shumaal Kay, Barfeeli Bulandiyan, Chitral Dastan, Ratti Gali, Yak Sarai, Shimshal Baymisal and Deosai etc. 

He traveled with his team and covered the longest ice mass outside the polar region, the Biafo Hispar Trek. He wrote the account of his journey in his classic travelogue Snow Lake.

His travelogue K-2 Kahani in which he lead a team of trekkers to the base camp of the second highest mountain in the world was an instant success. The very first edition was sold in fifteen days. The book K-2 Kahani was launched on a PIA jet plane while it circled over the top of this white pyramid, the most spectacle of the throne room of the mountain gods